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The Alessian Empire – A History of the First Era

Alessian Order is a PvP Gear Sets introduced in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is also known as the” Knight’s Council Set.” It is part of the Warrior Class Pack. It can be obtained through various means, including quests, drops, or as a drop from enemy players. We’ll go over the set’s mechanics and use them to your best advantage during PvP.

The three disciplines included in this set are Wardancer, Warrior, and Redguard. Each class has its own unique style of play. Wardancers focus on protection, using area effects to great effect to protect their group. Warriors apply powerful attacks to multiple enemies at a time, using cleaves, swords, maces, swords, and shields. Redguards use primarily melee weapons, using maces, swords, wields, and shields. Alessian doctrines combine these three styles for an efficient set of PvP Holy Priests.

The Alessian doctrines begin with the Alessian Crusade. The Alessian Order was led by High Prince Attholpa, a very religious man. He instituted many strict rules over his people. Among them, Alessian soldiers were to only kill monsters, restore peace, and execute justice among all people. This includes disobeying the prince’s command to fight monsters in the First Era. In the Fourth Era, Alessian soldiers were to kill any monster they came across until the Alessian Doctrine was restored.

The Alessian Empire was dissolved after the First Era, when the last vestiges of the Alessian Empire were scattered into the winds. A small group remained, however, to carry on the tradition of executing justice among the people. This is what became the Cyrodiil Empire under the name Colovia. This empire would last for another four centuries, during which time the Alessian name was forgotten and the name Colovia was substituted with that of Valenwood.

Valenwood, as it was called, was a realm ruled by elves. It was located to the west of Alessia, in the Hissar Mountains. The elves of Valenwood were known as the Fair Folk. Unlike most of the other races of Nirnay, elves of Valenwood had an alliance with the Chimer, the Bretons, and the Bretidians, whom they considered their kinship group. This alliance lasted for a few centuries before the eruption of the Fifth Astral Crisis. When the Alessian Empire collapsed, leaving only the name of its capital at Alessia, Valenwood was left divided into two kingdoms, Hammerfall and Calenard, each with its own name, culture, and language.

One of these kingdoms, Hammerfall, eventually became the first province of the Alessian Empire. The elves of the region, the Alessian High Elves, made peace with their neighbors when the Alessian realm was dissolved. This peace was not to last however; some centuries later, the Alessian Faith became part of the Alessian Empire, and the Alessians, under the leadership of King Cuthric of Borea, began conquering Valenwood. The Elves of Hammerfall, led by their Queen Helseth, drove the Alessians from Hammerfall and drove them from their land, but in the year 2E 293, the elven armies were defeated at the Blasting Heart, and the elves of Hammerfall took the position of the High Kings of the Alessian Empire. For many years the elves of Hammerfall governed the lands as a separate entity, but when the Lich King returned to Azeroth after his long absence, he united all the elven tribes under his banner, and the people of Hammerfall rose against their former High King, and the elves did not accept the High King’s rule willingly.

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