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Dikileaks – The Real Reasons Behind the Dump on Julian Assange

In many regards the actions of the organization known as “Dikileaks” is highly disturbing. The circumstances behind the release of the many classified documents is one of extreme importance. First, we are faced with the unfortunate fact that our government at both the federal level and at the state level is protecting the very corporations whose actions in the past have caused us to break free from our nation’s long standing economic stranglehold on its citizens. Next, we face the reality that many in our own country who are either in politics or in the business sector wish to silence this information and prevent it from spreading before it is allowed to do any damage to their political power. Finally, we see a website which brings together many sources of sensitive information on many topics such as wars, celebrities, religion, immigration, etc., and seeks to publish these documents for free to anyone who will have the guts to stand up to the media and the governments who attempt to control such information.

In many ways the situation that Dikileaks is trying to resolve is much like the old Arab and Chinese stand offs where an angry child will grab a piece of paper and hold it above his head to tell a rival what he thinks of his neighbor. Unfortunately we now live in a world in which many individuals feel that they have the right to tell others that they disapprove of something that they may have secretly done. We now have individuals who feel that they have the right to outing the secrets of others whether those secrets are harming America or not. This is not a new problem. The problem is that those who suffer under oppressive regimes, such as Egypt, Iran, Syria, and others, do not have the ability to defend themselves against those who use their freedoms to reveal the truth.

As stated before, the intentions of Dikileaks are noble. However, if they did not intend to cause harm with their releases then why do they continue to do so? Is there a larger hidden agenda which they are promoting which is not apparent to the general public? Why are they encouraging their readers and supporters to go on the Internet and reveal sensitive information that they feel the public needs to know about? Are they trying to unite people to fight against a common enemy or to simply make more money through their website? These are all important questions that will need to be addressed if the goal is truly to bring democracy and freedom to the people of these nations.

Unfortunately, the people at the top of the organization seem to think they are achieving their goals by causing unnecessary tension and controversy. Instead of looking at the situation from a logical point of view, they are making things worse by publicly broadcasting their actions. It is interesting to note that Julian Assange claims responsibility for the releases via Twitter, yet he has never actually done anything. Instead, he seems to be just tweeting whatever comes to his mind at any given moment. This would be fine if this was a personal blog where one could express his or her thoughts without the involvement of the media. But this is not a personal blog, but a business website and he is the one who is putting out the information.

By making it seem that Julian is the victim, he is not helping his case. There have been multiple threats against both him and his organization and many people have even had physical violence planned against them due to this issue. With all this going on, does it really make sense to give credibility to this organization? Why would people in this world want to align themselves with people who will only hurt them?

Before we give credibility to anyone, especially someone who has not done anything wrong, we need to make sure that they are doing the right thing. The United States of America has a problem with transparency in government and they are trying to get others to help them get it done. We can help by using our own government to solve these problems. The people who stand against us in our nation need to understand that we have options and that they need to stop leaking information if they want to stay in power. Please consider all this in 2021.

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