Hill Lawyer to Demand Daily Mail Remove Photos From Internet

Lawyers representing Rep. Katie Hill, R-Calif., have sent a cease and desist letter to the Daily Mail, claiming that the British tabloids has published nude pictures that it claims depicts the freshman Congresswoman, and which Hill claims were published by her without her permission. Hill has denied the allegations against her. Now, in an effort to prove that the images in question are indeed in violation of her privacy rights, lawyers for the California Representative are requesting that the UK newspaper take down the photos.

The legal papers are filed in the U.K. high court in a case that stems from a series of articles that the Daily Mail published in 2020 about Hill’s “nudity crusade.” The article detailed the claims by Hill that she was the victim of a sexual harassment case by the female photographer from the paper, who reportedly took nude photographs of Hill without Hill’s consent.

According to Hill’s account, the photographer had approached her in a London hotel room and demanded that she allow him to take her photograph in a compromising position; Hill says that she refused to allow the photographer to photograph her naked because of her “conscience and religious beliefs.” However, the article also described the photographer as being “a friend of both” Hill and then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom Hill is a supporter of. The photographer, Robert Smith, denies that he ever met Schwarzenegger or Hill.

In addition to calling on the Daily Mail to remove the nude photographs, the legal papers also seek to force the publication to remove the articles from the internet. In particular, the legal papers point to an article that described the nude photographs in detail, and which included an interview with Smith. In the piece, the interviewer alleged that Smith, an amateur photographer, admitted that he takes nude photographs, and that he “has clients all over the world who pay him to take their nude photos.”

According to the legal papers, the journalist in the Daily Mail story “took the interview at face value, believing Smith to be a trusted source.” The legal papers state that the reporter repeatedly asked Smith whether the photographs were actually of Hill, to which Smith responded that they were. and then went on to describe the pictures of Hill in more detail, including the fact that she posed nude with a dog and a cat on the beach during a trip to California.

“In addition to sending cease and desist letters to the Daily Mail and other British newspapers, the attorneys for Hill are asking to remove the photos from the internet, in order to prevent further dissemination of the nude photographs or to protect Hill from further invasion of her privacy. “Ms. Hill does not wish to be embarrassed or humiliated by these published photographs,” the legal papers state.