All The Right Moves – Lea Thompson Naked Scenes

Let me tell you about a scene in All the Right Moves where Lea Thompson was nude. I had no idea it was actually that explicit. I’m not even sure how the studio decided that would make a good scene in an adult film. I remember thinking, ‘Well, this is probably the only scene in which I’m going to be comfortable,’ but once I saw the nude scene, I really felt good about it.

In the scene, Lea Thompson had to undress from behind to get into a bathtub with his wife. As a matter of fact, she was in the tub with him too, and they were both completely nude. It seemed very realistic, and I couldn’t help but notice how much I was enjoying seeing her completely bare. The scene wasn’t all about nudity though. In the second scene, he says,

-Well, if she’s to be nude, then I’ll be nude, as well! -That’s pretty cool! I’ve always appreciated him for standing up for the directors.

-He did what he always did! -He stood up for the director! -He made his wife very comfortable and enjoyed watching her.

-Now let me tell you something that really surprised me. In the third scene, the two nude women are dancing together and Lea Thompson is kissing one of the women!

-What a jerk! He’s trying to kiss me in public and I’m just sitting there and smiling at him. I was so impressed that I can see why he’s such a wonderful actor. And I’m sure the scenes from All the Right Moves will remain in my mind forever!

I’m not saying that All the Right Moves is a porn movie, or even a particularly good one. It’s not the sort of thing I’d recommend to anyone under the age of 21, but I think it is a fun movie with a lot of nudity. The scenes from All the Right Moves are well worth a viewing for adults.

In another scene in All the Right Moves, Lea Thompson has to put on a dress and dance around on a set while being filmed by a male. A.C. Stearns & Lyle. I remember seeing the scene when Lea was getting dressed for the dance. It was so realistic and exciting.

-Well, he’s already getting to work, but he wants to try to touch himself, too! -He starts rubbing his hips and then goes back to licking himself, and then back again!

-I can understand why he’s so excited, because he’s going to do a sexy little twirl! And then he asks his wife, “Where is that sexy ass of yours? “, and she smiles!