Rachael Taylor Nude Movie Review

Rachael Taylor was born in Texas to a family of four children. Her father died when she was young and her mother remarried when she was a teenager. She later returned to Texas and got herself a new boyfriend who was, in turn, killed in an accident. When her younger brother was left to fend for themselves in a very violent and abusive environment, Rachael decided to give up hope and look for her lost brother, eventually finding him.

Now, Rachael stars in RACHELLE’S NUDE, a movie starring herself as well as her brother. As the movie progresses, you can see the similarities between Rachael and her family, including her family’s name. This is definitely a film about identity, especially of young women trying to make sense of their lives in today’s society, and who better to bring this concept to life than Rachael?

Rachael is a little older in this movie, but that doesn’t stop her from playing an active role in the story. I found myself interested in her character because she has such a great body and personality. She’s not only beautiful but also attractive. She’s a gorgeous blonde with a stunning face, but she is able to pull it off. Even though she is older, she still manages to be a little sassier than a lot of the other teen idols today.

Rachael’s sister in the film, Tiffany, is one of the most interesting characters. She is a sex addict who uses cocaine. She is, however, not like her sister that much. She is, instead, a very strong-willed woman with a powerful drive. In a way, she represents a lot of the negative stereotypes of drug addicts that we see in our society. If you have watched movies like “The Wire,” then you can probably picture what Tiffany is like. Her sexuality is questionable and it is never really explained why she chooses to use drugs over all other forms of entertainment.

One of the scenes in the movie, where Rachael and Tiffany have sex in the nude, was a little shocking. I expected it to be something that would lead to them dying horribly. Instead, they barely even touched, and their skin is very sensitive to touch. They didn’t get nearly as aroused as they did in the film, which is a huge bonus to the storyline. It shows that despite their bad choices, there are a lightness and innocence to their personalities, that the two women can still find happiness and beauty in each other.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. I think that Rachael’s fans will enjoy it as well because they are going to get some insight into her life in an unconventional and fun way. The whole concept is interesting and well thought out.