What are the Latest and Greatest News About Tomi Lahren?

Tomi Lahren is the latest famous celebrity to fall prey to apparent nude pictures leak scandal. Hot new news, Tomi is being called the sexiest female journalist alive by many, but does her nude pictures leak scandal mean that she is gay? Or perhaps it means that she got hacked into her own website? Either way, this one is going viral, and Tomi and her fans may be on the verge of breaking through into mainstream popularity and stardom.

So far, all of Tomi’s nude pictures have been taken down from her website, as well as her Twitter and Facebook accounts. There are rumors that these nude pictures were leaked by hackers or that someone was trying to embarrass her, but Tomi she is saying that it is simply a case of a website getting hacked. Tomi’s statement is pretty conclusive, which is why the nude pictures of her are no longer there on her websites and no longer on her social networking accounts.

Many have pointed out that Tomi’s nude pictures may have been released by hackers. This is possible, because she is a very popular celebrity in many circles, and is well-known enough in the media to be targeted by those who wish to embarrass her. Some say she needs to find some other career, or maybe go back to school, but if you ask me, I think Tomi could sell more magazines if she wanted to.

What is interesting is that Tomi’s nude pictures were released by her boyfriend, Christian James on his website and by him on his Facebook page. So is it possible that they were hacked into and then posted on the websites? In any case, there is no question that Tomi is a very popular female journalist, and that she is the sexiest woman alive.

However, I do wonder if Tomi’s nude pictures have been hacked into, or whether someone simply wants her naked pictures taken down for some unknown reason. After all, the photos were first posted on the pages of her social networking pages and then onto her personal website, so who knows why anyone would want to hack them into such a small site?

The bottom line is that Tomi’s nude pictures were initially posted on the pages of her personal website. and are now being removed by her boyfriend, Christian. Whether the nude pictures were hacked or simply accidentally posted on her website, or whether they were actually posted on the Internet by someone else, I can not know, but I am sure there will be a lot of speculation on the net today and tomorrow.