Xvidoes – A Look at the Myths and Truths Behind This Movie

“X Vidoes” is a very funny film directed by Luc Jacquet. The plot of the film is about two best friends, Pontus and Fabrice who live in a small French house. They spend most of their free time surfing the Internet and talking to their friends. One day, they stumble on a mysterious website called “X Vidoes”, which features uncensored footage from porno movies.

The site features uncensored versions of erotic movies including “ister creampie”, “amateur movie lovemaking”, “teen masturbation fantasy” and others. One night, a girl named Corin shows up to the house in a “ermobile” (a white bedspread), pokes her head into the room and starts watching. Pontus, who is tired from being out all day, decides to take his friend for a drink. Meanwhile, Fabrice pretends to be interested in a new girl he met on the Internet, but in reality, he’s already in bed with her.

Soon, the two are having sex, and when it gets messy, they decide to share a bottle of wine and “cleanse” their senses so as not to get caught. However, when the cleaning fluid dries, it has taken on a green color and emits a strong odor. Fabrice and Pontus get very mad at each other, but they are saved by the unexpected appearance of Yaya, whom they had met the previous night.

This movie is hilarious, in that it takes the innocence of childhood and applies it to adults. It is, however, kind of short. It runs for only two hours and forty-five minutes, and it is extremely dull, even though there are many funny scenes. There is nothing more exciting than watching teenagers having sex, and even though they are depicted as a couple in the beginning, they don’t have a lot of chemistry (at least not in the movie).

If you like cheese, “X Vidoes” is not the film for you. It startles a gay couple who are trying to convert another to the faith. They are portrayed as stupid and misguided, so you won’t find anything funny about this film. In fact, there is very little on display that will get you laughing, except for one or two brief moments where a character is shown urinating.

Overall, “X Vidoes” is a good time for those interested in watching something with a bit of edge. The comedy doesn’t last for long, but what’s more interesting is the look into what leads people to do what they do in real life. This film shows that even though sex sells, it isn’t the only thing that can make people happy. It might not be surprising, then, if this film makes more people think about the benefits of a healthy body and mind. It might not make a lot of money, either, but at least you’ll get something to laugh about during the credits!